Poor Old Horse​​​​​​​
"A horse, a horse, a poor old horse, lies haggard on the ground
But he has such a tale to tell, so come on, gather round…"
Poor Old Horse has grown weary, the end of his life has arrived. Here begins a mystical journey told through spoken word, music, puppetry, and storytelling that's sure to raise your spirits and connect you to the land around you.
An original story told in rhyme with musical accompaniment. 
This project saw Back ze Vore collaborate with multi story theatre's Bill Buffery who not only cowrote the piece but played the part of the Poor Old Horse. 
“So beautiful we saw this twice! Young and old alike spellbound with their blend of song, storytelling, puppetry and imagination” -Fringe TheatreFest Audience Member
His Heart Belonged to the Sea
"This here a tale of caution, a tragedy sad and strange,
Of the sea the harbinger of justice, delivering waves of change…"
A handsome and free-spirited young sailor sets sail off the North Devon coast chasing his dreams of a life at sea. With a reputation amongst the locals as a bit of a heartbreaker, he hopes that a simple life offshore will help him to escape the confinement of marriage and allow him to experience forces of nature first hand.
What he hasn’t bargained for are the destructive forces that lurk beneath the waves of the very ocean that has stirred his heart.
Set to an original sea shanty the sailor’s story is brought to life through the use of puppets lovingly created by hand here in Devon.
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